#Meded Leadership in an Exponential World

By Felix Ankel (@felixankel)

Do the Clinician Educators of tomorrow need different leadership competencies than in the past?  We think so and hope to generate discussions on the ICE blog.

2015 looks to be an exciting, transformational year.  #meded is changing from knowledge-based to competency based.  (See the planned released of CanMEDS 2015.) #meded value creation is shifting from institutional, positional and informational isolates towards fluid networks and communities of practice.

Traditional leadership resources for CEs focus on  managing fixed individual and group mindsets. For example, in “Leading from the middle: A case-study approach to academic leadership for associate deans” chapters are entitled “Are you ready to visit the dark side?”  “Changing behavior in a culture of no accountability”, and “Trouble in Paradise: Dealing with departmental dysfunction.” The challenge for CEs is to adopt a new framework of leadership, while continuing to function in existing structures.

How can #meded leaders build a growth mindset within their communities? What skills do #meded leaders need to manage an exponential world within a linear structure? How does one foster resilience, manage complexity and navigate context in a linear world of organizational charts, promotion and tenure committees, and accreditation requirements?

Our hope is to start a dialogue on subjects such as “teaming” behaviors rather than managing teams, becoming a “multiplier” rather than an adder or subtractor, and the importance of good “curation“, in addition to simply creating new content.

We hope you will join the discussion.  What are some of the #meded leadership challenges you have faced? What topics should we discuss? Let us know. The editorial board will tackle the questions in future posts.

Photo from: Brainpickings.org