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Announcing #CanMEDS2015

By Jonathan Sherbino (@sherbino)

If you’ve been following the #meded buzz, you may have noticed excitement coming from the Royal College.

After countless hours of work by staff, stakeholders and expert working group members – including: literature reviews, stakeholder surveys, focus groups, interviews, consultations, consensus-building exercises and debate – the updated CanMEDS Framework is complete.

The revitalized CanMEDS 2015 Physician Competency Framework CanMEDS Framework will launch on Saturday, October 24 at the International Conference on Resident Education (ICRE) 2015 in Vancouver, BC.

For the past three years, the Royal College has been working with partners across the country to update CanMEDS as part of the Competence by Design (CBD) initiative – the Royal College’s program to introduce a competency-based medical education model (CBME) to training and specialty practice in Canada. You can find more information about the background and consultation process for the CanMEDS 2015 Framework on our website.

A Framework for the 21st century

At its core, CanMEDS is intended to improve patient care by enhancing physician training. Working collaboratively with our experts, we’ve crafted a Framework which better reflects 21st century education and practice needs.

The new Framework is more coherent, includes simpler language and integrates new content like patient safety, physician health, handovers and eHealth. We’ve also developed a series of milestones which reflect competencies needed in each of the CanMEDS Roles and align with the CBD Competence Continuum stages of progression.

Through the Framework and the milestones, educators will have useful markers of progression to use as the basis for meaningful feedback to learners. Learners will be able see clear learning paths and will have the feedback they need to both enhance and record their educational progress.

Supporting your CanMEDS use

To help you incorporate the new CanMEDS content into your program and to support your teaching and assessment activities, with the Framework, the Royal College will be launching a number of faculty development tools at ICRE.

The following tools will be available on our website on October. You can also visit the CanMEDS booth at ICRE to see samples, test out CanMEDS Interactive (a digital education resource) and purchase printed copies of the Tools Guide.

If you are attending ICRE, here are some of the CanMEDS related sessions that you might want to check out.

Friday October 23:  11:00 – 12:15
Teams rediscovered: CanMEDS 2015 Collaborator competencies
Canadian Medical Protective Association (CMPA) – CanMEDS 2015 – How will I teach my residents about patient safety?
Friday October 23:  13:30 – 15:00
Programs that work: Integrating CanMEDS 2015 competencies for a successful residency program
Can we teach and assess lifelong learning abilities? CanMEDS 2015 Scholar
Friday October 23:  15:30 – 17:00
CanMEDS 2015: Moving from framework to philosophy
CanMEDS 2015-F : un exercice modèle de francisation
Competencies for physician health and wellness: CanMEDS 2015
Health Advocate rediscovered: CanMEDS 2015
What’s new in CanMEDS 2015? Incorporating safety and quality competencies in your program
Teaching and assessing CanMEDS in surgical training
Saturday October 24: 08:00 – 09:15
Plenary panel – CanMEDS 2015: A global perspective-A journey to a 21st century competency framework
Saturday October 24: 09:15 – 09:30
Saturday October 24: 14:00 – 15:30
From physician as Manager to physician as Leader in CanMEDS 2015
Teaching and assessing communication skills with CanMEDS 2015
Preparing residents for teaching: CanMEDS 2015 Scholar competencies
The Professional Role rediscovered: CanMEDS 2015

Thanks to our staff, medical educators, practising physicians and specialists, residents, volunteers and committee members for their tireless work and support.

Leave a comment below and let us know what you think of the new Framework.

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