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Our first Summit of 2018 takes place in Basel, Switzerland on Wednesday, August 29, 2018.  This half day summit is not your typical #MedEd event! For one, we don’t just have your archetypal presenters, we have provocateurs whose goal is to get you charged up by offering atypical points of view on familiar (flipped classroom) and sometimes not so familiar (agnotology?!) topics.

Clinician Educators often find themselves in the role of teachers and the summits were created in order to give them the opportunity to learn from their peers and share their own experiences and point of view. Participants leave with many take-home messages, new international colleagues and a renewed zest for their practice.

Hand selected by our ICE steering committee members from the brightest minds in #MedEd, our provocateurs aim to challenge and stretch the thinking of attendees, generating new ideas based on different cultural, educational and professional backgrounds.  ICE Summits are about discussion and sharing of ideas: after a brief (and often controversial) introduction of their topic, the provocateurs open the floor to all, which is when the real fun begins!

For our Basel Summit, we are pleased to announce three powerhouses as provocateurs:  Teresa Sörö (Karolinska Institutet, Sweden); Mark Wilson (UI Hospitals and Clinics, USA) and Paul de Roos (Akademiska Sjukhuset,  Sweden) Curious about their topics? Check out the program located below.  The event is co-chaired by Jonas Nordquist and one of our very own blog editors, Jamiu Busari.

In addition to a day of rigorous discussion, the Basel event adds a little something extra with the option to attend a post-summit networking dinner hosted by our ICE Chair, Jason Frank. This allows participants to connect on a more casual level, solidifying the professional relationships created during the event.

If you love a good medical education debate, if you enjoy interacting with international Clinician Educator virtuosos, if you dream of having your mind stimulated and your convictions pushed to the limit, this event is for YOU!

Learn more here and read about past events here

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