#KeyLIMEPodcast 243: Episode THREE KeyLIME Classic [Recorded at ICRE 2019]

This is the final episode of the KeyLIME “classic” sessions recorded ICRE 2019 in Ottawa. The co-hosts selected an older paper they considered a classic “must read” for KeyLIME listeners.  What did you think of this special series? Should they run it again next year?

Check out Part 1 here and Part 2 here.

Linda’s pick  (@00:55) Hafferty. Beyond Curriculum Reform: Confronting Medicine’s Hidden Curriculum 1998 Apr;73(4):403-7.

Jon’s pick(@08:40) Barsuk et. al., Long-Term Retention of Central Venous Catherter Insertion Skills After Simulation-Based Mastery Learning 2010 Oct;85(10 Suppl):S9-12.

Jason’s pick (@13:55) Tamblyn et. al., Association Between Licensing Examination Scores and Resource Use and Quality of Care in Primary Care Practice.  1998 Sep 16;280(11):989-96.

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22:01 A KeyLIMEr from Mexico!

23:38 A KeyLIMEr from Texas!

25:20 Book recommendation

*Note: there are no abstracts for this episode.
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