#KeyLIMEPodcast 277: [The best of KeyLIME 2018 – #4] Creating a more empathetic physician?

Today’s re run episode was first released in September 2018. Researchers looked to test the hypothesis that medical students with higher exposure to the humanities would report higher levels of positive physician qualities (e.g., wisdom, empathy, self-efficacy, emotional appraisal, spatial skills), while reporting lower levels of negative qualities that are detrimental to physician well-being (e.g., intolerance of ambiguity, physical fatigue, emotional exhaustion, and cognitive weariness). Follow the link below to hear the co-hosts discuss and to find out what the conclusion was!

Mangione S et al. 2018. Medical Students’ Exposure to the Humanities Correlates with Positive Personal Qualities and Reduced Burnout: A Multi-Institutional U.S. Survey. Journal of General Internal Medicine. 33(5):628-634.

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