#KeyLIMEPodcast 284: Methods Consult with Lara Varpio – Episode 7

This is Lara Varpio’s (@LaraVarpio) 7th ‘Methods Consult’ for KeyLIME.

As a PHD trained scientist working in the field, it is of Lara’s opinion that her job is to help others gain the skills and expertise needed to engage in Health Professions Education scholarship and research. In this series, Lara gives some background and highlights the benefits of interdisciplinary collaboration for illuminating research.

This week, Lara answers a special email request  – a deeper insight into episode 259, a conversation on Halstead 2.0 – she explains:

  • Theory
  • Theoretical framework
  • Conceptual framework
  • Objective deductive approach
  • Subjective Inductive approach
  • Social Constructive ism
  • Social Construction-ism

Listen here!


Varpio et. al., The Distinctions Between Theory, Theoretical Framework, and Conceptual Framework. Academic Medicine. July 2020 – Volume 95 – Issue 7 – p 989-994

KeyLIME Episode [259] Surgical Teaching: Halstead 2.0

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