#KEYLIMEPODCAST 342: Live at the 2021 AAMC annual meeting – Part 1

For the next two episodes, the KeyLIME podcast shares live recording from the AAMC Annual Meeting on November 29th, 2021. Each host selected a paper from the Academic Medicine Supplement: Association of American Medical Colleges Learn Serve Lead: Proceedings of the 60th Annual Research in Medical Education (RIME) Presentations and Medical Education Abstracts 11S.

In Part 1, Linda and Jon present their picks (the links to their articles are listed below). Tune in next week to hear the final two and to find out which paper was voted best RIME paper by the audience.

Listen to the episode here.

In this episode

Linda presents:

Brondfield S, Lee K, O’Sullivan PS. The Cognitive Load of Inpatient Consults: A Covergent Parallel Mixed Methods Study Using the Consult Cognitive Load Instrument. Acad Med. 2021;96;S119-S125.

Jon presents:

Burk-Rafel J, Reinstein I, Feng J, Kim MM, Miller LH, Cocks PM, Marin M, Aphinyanaphongs Y. Development and Validaton of a Machine Learning-Based Decisions Support Tool for Residency Applicant Screening and Review. Acad Med. 2021;96;S54-S61.

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