#KeyLIME Podcast 370 [Summer 2022 Re-Run #7]: The Mortality of Residency Education

Welcome to the Summer of 2022 KeyLIME “re run” series! Over the summer months, we will be re-releasing some of our earliest episodes: Give some old favorites a listen or discover some episodes from our archive you may not have heard yet!

**Please note: some listeners will find this a tough episode**  

This week, in summer re run #7, the team brings back back Episode #146, on an important, yet difficult, topic: The Mortality Rate of Residency Education. The stressors and impact of medical practice on physician health have been documented for decades and issues of the wellness of health care providers are an increasingly discussed topic in medical education. This study sets out to document the “mortality rate” of medical training by examining and characterizing US resident (postgraduate) trainee deaths from 2000-2014.

Article under review: Yaghmour NA, et al. Causes of Death of Residents in ACGME-Accredited Programs 2000 Through 2014: Implications for the Learning Environment. Acad Med. 2017 Jul;92(7):976-983.

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