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Highlights from the ICRE 2014

The International Conference on Residency Education is a global forum (more than 30 countries were represented this year) for those involved in residency education to share ideas, challenges, innovations, and advance training.

If you weren’t able to attend OR if you missed an event because of a competing session, the ICE blog editorial board has you covered.  Below is a sample of some of the highlights.

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Controversies in Med Ed via ICENet Summit 2014: Milan

By Jamiu Busari  (@jobusar)

On August 29, 2014, the second international ICENet Summit took place in Milan, Italy. In attendance were 18 international clinician educators (CEs) from North America, Asia, Australia, Mid-East and Europe. The event, which was a follow up to the inaugural summit in Prague last year, featured four dynamic CEs who pitched separate controversial ideas. The provocateurs aimed to challenge and stretch the thinking of attendees, and generate new ideas based on different cultural, educational and professional backgrounds.  There were many take-home messages and challenges for the participants to reflect on when they returned home.

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CME for CEs by CEs – A sneak peek at ICENet Summit 2014: Milan

As I hope you’ve heard, the second ICENet Summit is rapidly approaching and will take place in Milan, Italy on August 29th (just prior to AMEE). Let me introduce you to four world-class provocateurs who will lead the day. Yes, we call them provocateurs! (Provocateur: a person who provokes trouble, causes dissension, or the like; agitator) Unlike a typical presentation, these four Clinician Educators open their session with a controversial statement and argue their point of view, leading to an animated and intimate discussion on the topic with all those in attendance.  Imagine sitting with a small group of CEs from around the world and debating cutting edge issues in health professions education.

Let’s get to know them better and take a sneak peek at their sessions below!