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#KeyLIMEPodcast 73: Maybe it’s time for patient outcomes (!?) to be included in assessment of trainees

The KeyLIME podcast this week dips into the controversy over the appropriate metrics for assessing competence in learners.  David Cook has argued, appropriately, that patient outcomes (specifically in regards to program/curriculum evaluation) are heavily confounded by multiple factors. Thus, the signal is biased and potentially not trustworthy.

However, to ignore the patient (and their care) in determining the fitness for a learner for unsupervised practice seems crazy… when you write it in a post.


Check out the KeyLIME summary below or listen to the first KeyLIME podcast recorded before a live studio audience (just like a sitcom from the 70’s) here.


PS:  We welcome a guest host (and winner of the KeyLIME Live contest – Janet Bull)