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#KeyLIMEPodcast 82: Educational Imprinting & the Geography of Destiny Part 2

This week’s Key Literature in Medical Education podcast builds on the theme of educational imprinting from KeyLIME Episode 80.

As Clinician Educators, we must remain mindful of the profound and persistent influence of the culture of residency training on future practice.

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– Jonathan (@sherbino)


KeyLIME Session 82 – Article under review:
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Chen C1, Petterson S2, Phillips R3, Bazemore A2, Mullan F1. Spending patterns in region of residency training and subsequent expenditures for care provided by practicing physicians for Medicare beneficiaries. JAMA 2014, 312 (22):2385-93

Reviewer: Jason Frank

Previously on KeyLIME, we reviewed Asch’s paper that suggested that “geography is destiny”, and where you train a health professional can determine their lifelong competence trajectory. This remains a controversial premise today, and further data is needed.  Enter Chen et al in the JAMA 2014 Med Ed theme issue, who looked at