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#KeyLIMEPodcast 92: Comics + Professional Identity

Well… it’s official… we are pushing into new territory on the Key Literature in Medical Education podcast.  The episode this week is about the use of comics to help senior medical students in the process of professional identity formation.Medical-Comic

Preconceptions? Worried about the state of academia with the advent of “comic scholarship?”  Well, we unpack all of this on the podcast.  For a quick overview, check out the abstract below.  For more opinions (and there are a few with this episode) download the podcast here.

– Jonathan (@sherbino)


KeyLIME Session 92 – Article under review:

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Listen to the podcast

View/download the abstract here.

Green MJ. Comics and medicine: peering into the process of professional identity formation. Academic Medicine. 2015 Jun;90 (6):774-9

Reviewer: Linda Snell

Professional Identity Formation (PIF) is a topical area of medical education curriculum development and research. One’s professional identity is