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#KeyLIMEPodcast 83: Reflection in #Meded

The Key Literature in Medical Education podcast discusses reflection – a perennial hot topic of discussion in health professions education.  While we all have an intuitive understanding of what reflection is, we lack a common language or framework in describing reflection.  The paper this week addresses this gap.  Keep reading for more info… or start listening for even better info. Download the podcast from iTunes here.

If you have a paper that you would like to see discussed on a future episode of KeyLIME leave a comment below.

– Jonathan (@sherbino)


KeyLIME Session 83 – Article under review:
Fri post_KeyLIME (Dr. Padmos)

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Nguyen QD, Fernandez N, Karsenti T, Charlin B. What is reflection? A conceptual analysis of major definitions and a proposal of a five-component model. Medical Education, Dec 2014, 48(12): 1176-89

Reviewer: Jonathan Sherbino

When I started grad school, the first book I picked up was Donald Schon’s Educating the Reflective Practitioner*. It was a great place to start for a career in health professions education.  The book challenged educators to