Past Summits

To date we have held eight successful ICE Summits, with our first taking place in 2013.

Didn’t make it? Here are the provocative topics and world-class presenters you missed out on!

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 ICE Summit – Niagara Falls (Canada) | October 2, 2016

  Chair: Felix Ankel

Clinical Reasoning: We can’t teach this, we should stop talking about it Jonathan Sherbino – Ontario,Canada

 We are nothing but insects, and that is OK. Daniel Cabrera –  New York, USA

 Physician Health: Fix the doctor or fix the system?  Leslie Flynn – Ontario, Canada

We don´t effectively teach or assess heath advocacy in our current residency programs.  Klaus Puschel – Santiago, Chile

ICE Summit – Barcelona (Spain) | August 31, 2016 

  Chairs: Jamiu Busari & Jonas Nordquist

Supporting patients and learners in the age of neoliberalism.  Hiroshi Nishigori– Kyoto, Japan

Ignorance has no place in medical schools and hospitals: Down with Agnotology! Melchor Sánchez Mendiola –  Mexico City, Mexico

Interprofessional education, is it hype or an illusion? Sari Ponzer – Stockholm, Sweden


 ICE Summit – Vancouver (Canada) | October 25, 2016

  Chairs: Jason Frank & Linda Snell

Invisible Learning: Healthcare Facilities are Not Designed for Contemporary Clinical Education Jonas Nordquist– Stockholm, Sweden

Competency-Based CPD: Is Measuring Outcomes the Only Thing That Matters  Craig Campbell– Ottawa, Canada

The Lecture is Dead: Can the Flipped Classroom Movement Usher Our Dear Friend Softly into the Night?   Anna Oswald–Edmonton, Canada

Can CBME Create Physicians Who are Competent in Assessing Their Own Competence?  Ivy Oandasan– Toronto, Canada

Personal Learning Environments: Can We Design Them  Anthony Llewellyn  – Gladesville, New South Wales

ICE Summit – Glasgow (Scotland) | September 1, 2015 

  Chairs: Jamiu Busari & Felix Ankel

Early Introduction to Practical Procedures and Surgical Skills in UG and PG Level  Arnoldo Riquelme– Santiago, Chile  

Barriers in The Process of Giving and Receiving Feedback Monica Van De Ridder– Dordrecht, Netherlands    

How Education is a Matter of Shared Sense Making in Asia and Western Philosophies? Yu-Che Chang– Taoyuan County, Taiwan  

Competency-Based Medical Education: The Death of The Block Rotation  John Andrews– Minneapolis, USA  

CE Summit – Newcastle (Australia) | March 28, 2015    

  Chair: Peter Harris

Assessment As Measurement, We’ve Got It All Wrong Lambert Schuwirth– Adelaide, Australia              

Professionalism vs. Professional Identity – What Should Our Learners Be Experiencing Linda Snell– Montréal, Canada  

Teaching Surgical Skills to a YouTube Saavy Resident   Ian Incoll–  Sydney, Australia                        

What Would You Say To Your ‘Intern-Self’ Who Comes To You For Advice About Becoming a Better Leader?  Emma McCahon–Sydney, Australia 


ICE Summit – Toronto (Canada) | October 26, 2014         

Chairs: Jason Frank & Linda Snell

Assessment of EPAs Should Not Involve Entrustment Kelly Caverzagie– Nebraska, United States of America     

High Stakes Assessment with Low Grade Tools Ian Incoll– Sydney, Australia      

Your Country Has the Greatest GME System in the World: Prove it!  Robert Englander– Minnesota, United States of America     

Failing to Train Doctors in Organizational Skills, Fails Individual Patients   Fiona Moss – London, United Kingdom                                                                                                                    

Developing Reflective Capacity is Incompatible with Extrenal Assessment Brian Hodges– Toronto, Canada    

Workplace-Based Assessment Forms are Not Evil  Shiphra Ginsburg – Toronto, Canada         

Academic Medicine: Good Work If You Can’t Get It   Glen Bandiera – Toronto, Canada

ICE Summit – Milan (Italy) | August 29, 2014

  Chair: Jamiu Busari

Medical Education Accreditation Bodies Should Forbid All Clinical ‘Block’ Rotations Lasting Less Than One Year   Steve Lieberman– Texas, United States of America      

Training to be a CE is a Myth   Abeer Arab– Jeddah, Saudi Arabia   

Education Theories Pose a Dilemma for Clinician Educators Fremen Chihchen Chou– Taichung City, Taiwan   

Clinical Educators and Medical Educationalists are Divided by Language and May Never Understand Each Other Lesley Southgate– London, United Kingdom 


ICE Summit – Prague (Czech Republic) | August 29, 2013

  Chairs: Linda Snell & Jason Frank

Reform, Re-form, Transform or All of the Above?   Felix Ankel   – Minnesota, United States of America; Eric Holmboe, Pennsylvania, United States of America     

Nearing the End of the MD Diploma as We Know It   Olle ten Cate– Utrecht, Netherlands                                                                                                                         

CE as Consultant: Controversies + Competencies     Jason Frank– Ottawa, Canada      

Do We Change The Management or Manage The Changes in Postgraduate Medical Education?    Jamiu Busari – Maastricht, Netherlands